People have posted videos of the CSME layout.


First, there are a couple of 'vintage' videos showing the 'old' layout which was demolished in the winter of 2011/2012.


Trains moving over the layout. Enjoy listening to the conversations on the background, especially the kids.

Video posted by Robert D. West

Open house operations in the yard area.

Video posted by Shelly Hardage-Wilkerson

Immediately after the 2011 open house we demolished and began rebuilding the layout. Due to planning, preparation and participation the process went very well.

KEZI TV, (Channel 9 – Eugene, OR.) did a segment on our efforts to rebuild the CSME in the spring of 2012.

Video posted by KEZI9TV

A collection of nice clips of trains moving over the layout at the 2013 CSME open house.

Video posted by Bart Eleveld

More clips from the 2013 open house. I especially like the opening segment.

Video posted by railroadguy100

A big thanks to the folks who put their videos online for the enjoyment of all.